IrriGreen Simplifies Irrigation,
Saving 50% of Your Water.

See how IrriGreen saves you money:

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Replace your inefficient sprinklers:

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Save Water AND Keep Your Lawn Green!

How It Works

IrriGreen’s Digital Sprinklers “print water” in the shape of your lawn, saving approx. 50% of your water, stopping embarrassing overspray/ runoff and eliminating the wasteful, overlapping arcs of conventional systems.

The Benefits

IrriGreen’s eco-friendly digital technology saves up to 50% less water and is wirelessly mapped to you lawn’s exact shape, all for about same cost as conventional systems!

About Us

IrriGreen was founded with the goal of creating green lawns with less water and fewer materials. Check out the rest of our story...

What Is IrriGreen?

The IrriGreen Genius Sprinkler is a revolutionary new way to water your lawn. Using patent pending digital technology, Genius sprinklers are able to precisely irrigate the contours of your landscape. The end result is a green lawn for up to 50% less water. Not only that, but IrriGreen’s Genius system requires 85% less underground irrigation pipe. That means a fast and easy installation process. Contact us today for a free estimate, and see what Irrigreen can do for you.

Less Water. Less Mess. The Same Green Grass.