IrriGreen is Now CIT-Tested

“For more than three decades, the irrigation industry has counted on the soil and water scientists at CIT to answer a basic question about irrigation technology: does it work? IrriGreen works.”

Gary Klinefelter
President, IrriGreen, Inc.

cit-logoThe Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) is the leading independent laboratory specializing in scientific testing and objective evaluation of irrigation equipment. In CIT tests, the IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System with EcoZone™ technology matched the sprinkler operational efficiency and water distribution uniformity of mechanical systems… and did so with 40 percent less water.

CIT tested IrriGreen with one Genius computerized smart head per irrigation zone against conventional irrigation systems with 6-9 mechanical sprinkler heads per zone. Testing was conducted outside on plots of turf grass.

CIT designed and performed three sets of tests:

    • ‌• a 30 x 60-foot rectangle with one IrriGreen Genius Sprinkler versus six mechanical rotors
    • ‌• a 30 x 30-foot square with one IrriGreen Genius Sprinkler versus nine mechanical multi-stream rotors
    • ‌• a 30 x 30-foot circle with one IrriGreen Genius Sprinkler versus seven mechanical spray heads

IrriGreen with one multi-volume, multi-stream Genius head per zone and the conventional systems with 6-9 mechanical heads per zone increased soil moisture by equivalent amounts… but IrriGreen used 40 percent fewer gallons of water.

Detailed test results based on soil moisture measurements are summarized in Table 1 of the report.

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