Water Where You Need It. Irrigreen.

The IrriGreen Genius™ sprinkler conserves water.

Water streams are digitally controlled through a patent-pending, multi-stream nozzle and wirelessly mapped to the exact shape of your lawn. The Genius irrigation system is flexible, easy to maintain, and lowers your water bills.

Water conservation is a growing trend in irrigation. Conventional irrigation sprinklers waste water because they are positioned ’’head -to-head’’ in overlapping arcs. They can not precisely conform to landscape contours as shown in the diagram below

In comparison, Genius sprinklers use up to 50% less water.

Conventional Irrigation System

Multiple heads surround zones with wasteful overlaps and uneven coverage. 150% coverage.

  • 40+ Rotary heads surround zones
  • 1500+ Feet undergrounf pipe
  • Wasteful, overlapping arcs
  • Manual arc, and spray adjustment
  • Controller, and multiple valve boxes
  • Labor intensive, disruptive installation

IrriGreen Irrigation System

One central head uniformly irrigates in exact shape of each zone.
100% coverage.

  • Five Central Genius sprinklers
  • 250 feet underground pipe
  • Multi-stream, uniform distribution
  • Wireless mapping to zone shape
  • Single wireless Genius server
  • Easy, Fast installation
IrriGreen Conventional
Digitally controlled water distribution at each sprinkler head
Minimizes over watering by eliminating the need for head-to-head coverage
Wirelessly program to fit the shape of landscape
Ensures accuracy of water precipitation rate
Reduces the number of irrigation sprinklers required for installation
Reduces the amount of pipe and fittings required for installation
Reduces the labor required to install the entire system
Reduces the water usage by up to 50%
Uses streams of water reducing wind drift
Streams drive water into soil increasing soil moisture
Even moisture distribution over entire watering zone
Reduces the potential for dry spots
Curtails over spraying onto hardscape areas
Zones easily reconfigured wirelessly
Works with typical irrigation water sources
Uses standard pipe/tube fittings and electrical connectors
Works in conjunction with standard industry controllers/schedulers
Compatible with rain and/or moisture sensors
Capable of functioning in a hybrid system using spray, rotor, or drip

Save Water. Save Money. Enjoy The Green Grass