Be Green.

IrriGreen Genius™ sprinkler conserves water using a multi-stream nozzle that’s wirelessly programmed to follow the shape of your yard.  The Genius system is flexible, easy to maintain, and lowers your water bills.


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Features & Benefits of the Irrigreen™ System

  • Conserves water (up to 50%)
  • One sprinkler per zone
  • Sprinklers are placed away from curbs,
  • driveways and sidewalks
  • Map to your lawn shape using wireless programmer
  • Eliminate wasteful water overlapping
  • 85% less petroleum-based pipe per install
  • Proven patent-pending technology
  • Whisper-quiet operation

Innovative Multi-Stream Technology

  • Multiple streams drive water into root structures where it's needed
  • Superior wind resistance
  • No misting

Save Water. Save Money. Enjoy The Green Grass