What Customers are Saying About IrriGreen

“No more water spraying on my sidewalk, deck or house. My water bill dropped a lot, and I love controlling my system with the mobile app.”
David D.
Mt. Pleasant, SC
“I have an odd-shaped lot and having a custom shape is great. Saving a lot of water. Just redid my sidewalk and it was easy to change the watering pattern. No longer wasting water doing 'double coverage' that the old system did. Like that I can see exactly how much water I want to apply, in inches, on the mobile app.”
Pete C.
Lakeville, MN
“I love to watch it work, that way it follows the pattern of my lawn, putting water only where I want it to go. I like the size of the drops. They are heavy so I lose less to evaporation. We have a limestone yard and it was a lot less trenching and disruption to put IrriGreen in.”
Vickey F.
Austin, TX
“Very happy with the technology. I really like being able to put water only where I want it. My grass is greener than my neighbors, and I like knowing how much water I use. I show my system to anyone that wants to see it.”
Josh K.
Savage, MN
“My neighbor’s driveway, landscape rocks, and house are all orange from water stains. We don’t have that problem. What I wanted was to spray water only on the grass. Couldn’t find anything better than IrriGreen. Saves water. Saves money. “
Gary S.
Prior Lake, MN

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