New Mobile App Makes IrriGreen Even Easier to Use

In this technology-driven age, landscape contractors are adding apps to their Smartphones to help them work smarter, not harder to install irrigation systems.

IrriGreen mobile appIrriGreen, the only laborsaving technology in lawn irrigation, is even easier and faster for contractors to install, set and adjust with the latest addition to our already innovative product, our new Smartphone app.

IrriGreen presents a new way to water lawns

The IrriGreen Genius™ Irrigation System is the only system in the entire industry that is designed to reduce installation time and effort. With just one sprinkler head per irrigation zone and no lateral lines, IrriGreen saves contractors valuable time and reduces labor costs.

Nothing like it in history

The turf irrigation industry has never seen anything like IrriGreen. Now, as mobile phone technology makes so many everyday takes more convenient and efficient, IrriGreen is vaulting the industry into the future with its new app for mobile phones.

Introducing a new mobile application

Now that IrriGreen has released its new mobile application, our system is even easier and faster to use. With the new Genius™ Mobile App, IrriGreen is fully customizable to any yard, no matter how intricately shaped the landscape may be.

Gary Klinefelter, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, IrriGreen, Inc. explained: “With IrriGreen, installers configure zones and set the sprinkler heads all in one step right on their Smartphone using the Genius™ Mobile App.”

IrriGreen really is as simple as that. This intuitive technology has changed the way that sprinkler systems are installed and used today – and will continue to change how they are installed and used tomorrow.

Are you looking for the best sprinkler system for your contractors to install for your customers – to save installation time and to save water? Watch IrriGreen in action to see how our technology works. Then contact us and find out how IrriGreen can work for you.