How Much Water Can We Save?

Lawn and landscape irrigation accounts for more residential water consumption than all indoor water uses combined.

In the United States alone, we use 9 million gallons of water every day to water our lawns. According to the EPA, outdated irrigation systems and methods waste as much as 50 percent of the water that they use. That’s 4.5 million gallons of water wasted every single day.

The IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System keeps lawns green while using as much as 50 percent less water than ordinary irrigation systems.

That’s savings that both you and the environment will love.

Picture the Savings

With IrriGreen, a homeowner with an average lawn saves about 95 thousand gallons every year. That’s enough water to fill at least three average-sized swimming pools.

Just ten homeowners using IrriGreen will save enough water annually to fill up the Pequot Lakes, Minnesota water tower 19 times.

A total of 100 homeowners using IrriGreen save more than enough water every year to meet the lawn irrigation needs of the entire nation for two days.

Comments From Our Founder and CEO

Gary Klinefelter, who holds 35 patents in the design of high-tech, commercial inkjet printers, says, “My eureka moment came when I asked myself, if I can print ink precisely on a page, why can’t I have an irrigation system the ‘prints’ water precisely on my lawn?”

Applying technology and nozzle design adapted from the high-tech, commercial printer industry, IrriGreen digitally controls each IrriGreen Genius™ Sprinkler. As the Genius™ server monitors and adjusts stream volume, direction and distance, our sprinklers conform watering patterns to the specific outline of each section of the lawn. IrriGreen maintains uniform water distribution at distances up to 35 feet while eliminating wasteful overlapping sprays, over watering and over spraying.

Check out IrriGreen in action. Then contact us, and we’ll put IrriGreen’s technology innovation to work for you.