IrriGreen Technology: The Genius® is Smart

Today, we count on smart technology. Yet when it comes to landscape irrigation, we seem to be stuck in the past.

Commercial and residential property owners still water their lawns with outmoded, traditional irrigation systems, wasting a lot of water and money. Now, with IrriGreen technology, the way we water our lawns will never be the same again.

The IrriGreen Difference

Conventional irrigation systems use rows of sprinklers to water lawns using overlapping sprays. They overwater sections of a lawn by 160 to 195 percent just to ensure that the entire lawn is watered enough. They are designed to work this way and waste even more water by needlessly spraying patios, driveways, sidewalks and streets.

We think that’s poor design.

We designed the IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System to water each landscape section evenly and correctly with no overlapping. Using proven digital technology and a nozzle design adapted from high-tech, commercial inkjet printers; IrriGreen reduces water use by up to 50 percent.

Watch as IrriGreen controls and changes the direction and distance of its sprays to match the exact shape of the lawn.

Innovation at its Best

The IrriGreen system is like no other. It is at the forefront of the industry. But don’t simply take us at our word. Instead, check out what others are saying about IrriGreen.

Our technology continues to win accolades for saving water, time and money:

The Future is Now

The IrriGreen Genius® is easy to install, easier to use, and installation doesn’t require nearly as much underground pipe as traditional irrigation systems. And installers simply configure irrigation zones and set sprinkler heads on a Smartphone using the Genius Mobile App.

Our software automatically calculates spray distances, sets the mapping points, and sends the data via Wi-Fi to the IrriGreen Genius Server.

IrriGreen then takes care of the rest. Our system digitally controls watering patterns and adjusts its sprays to follow every curve, angle and corner of every lawn.

Isn’t it time to start using smart technology to manage and reduce outdoor water use? Find out how IrriGreen can help reduce residential and commercial water bills by giving us a call today.