IrriGreen is a Finalist in the MHTA Tekne Awards

tekne awardsIn the few shorts years since IrriGreen began product development, the IrriGreen Genius™ Irrigation System has racked up numerous awards for its industry leading innovation, exceptional product design, water conserving capability, and money-saving benefits for contractors and property owners.

Now, the Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) has named IrriGreen, Inc. as a finalist for their 2015 Tekne Awards, which shine a spotlight on the best and brightest of Minnesota’s science and technology industry.

The MHTA Tekne Awards

The Tekne Awards honor companies for their superior technology innovation and leadership within their respective categories. IrriGreen was named as a finalist in the “Energy and Clean Tech” category, which highlights products and innovations that improve energy usage and delivery efficiency, reduce environmental impacts and encourage resource conservation.

The IrriGreen Difference

For homeowners and commercial property owners alike, lawn irrigation systems waste more water than any other type of water use, indoors or outdoors. Conventional sprinklers overlap their sprays and squander water by haphazardly over-spraying water onto patios, driveways, sidewalks and streets. The IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System adapts digital technology from high-tech, commercial-grade inkjet printers, essentially “printing” precise patterns of water onto lawns. No matter how complex the landscape, there is no overlapping, no over-spraying and no wasted water.

IrriGreen achieves superior water conservation with spray accuracy and watering uniformity that is unimaginable with ordinary irrigation systems. IrriGreen keeps lawns healthy while reducing water usage by as much as 50 percent when compared to the outdated mechanical technology of conventional sprinkler systems.

What Was the Inspiration for IrriGreen’s Innovation?

Gary Klinefelter, Founder and President of IrriGreen, Inc, had his eureka moment back in 2009.

“My wife wanted us to have a lawn irrigation system for our home,” recalls Klinefelter. “But the inaccuracy and inefficiency of conventional systems bothered me.”

Klinefelter looked for inspiration in the technology he knows best: high-tech, commercial-grade inkjet printers. Over the 18 years that he worked for Fargo Electronics, Klinefelter authored more than 35 U.S. patents and guided the design, development and introduction of more than 20 high-tech inkjet printers. He has now revolutionized the lawn irrigation industry by applying that same technology to sprinkler systems.

“Printers spray just the right amount of ink in controlled patterns. I wondered why irrigation systems couldn’t spray water with that degree of accuracy,” he says. “That’s what we have achieved with the IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System.”

IrriGreen… Smart Irrigation Gets Smarter

Commercialized in 2014, IrriGreen is the first fundamental change in irrigation system design and technology in more than 40 years. It’s a game-changer in an industry that has had a drought of new technology for decades.

More than smart, it’s Genius. Let’s get going. Contact IrriGreen today.