IrriGreen to Demonstrate its Genius® System at the Irrigation Show

IrriGreen is on the cutting edge of irrigation technology innovation. The Genius® Irrigation System is a leap forward. It incorporates digital technology and a new type of multi-stream nozzle that takes its basic design from the nozzles used in commercial inkjet printers. Those in the industry will be able to get a first-hand look at the system at the upcoming Irrigation Show in Long Beach, California, on November 11 and 12. IrriGreen will be at booth #2064.

Faster Installation Time

Lawn irrigation systems take the space to be watered and divide it into zones. Each zone has four to eight sprinkler heads placed around the outside perimeter in rows. All of these sprinkler heads connect to the main line with lateral lines.

However, IrriGreen’s system changes all that. Instead of rows of sprinkler heads for each zone, only one head is installed. It’s placed in the center of the zone. With fewer sprinkler heads to install and no lateral lines, it takes up to 70 percent less time to install the IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System than a traditional system.

Use Less Water

Winning accolades as a game-changer, the Genius® can cut water usage by 50 percent. The industry hasn’t had a major new innovation like this for decades.

IrriGreen is fundamentally different from all other irrigation systems on the market. Taking inspiration from inkjet printers, IrriGreen “prints” water in controlled patterns. Inkjet printers are precise with where ink is sprayed onto a sheet of paper, and the Genius® system functions this way, too. The system also automatically determines the best watering patterns and spray distances to make certain that the entire lawn is watered thoroughly without wasting any water. There are no overlapping sprays of water, nor does the system waste water “watering” the driveway or sidewalk.

Seeing is Believing

Take 10 seconds to check out this video… Watch IrriGreen do what no other lawn sprinkler in the world can do.

See the Genius® Irrigation System in action at the Irrigation Show, booth #2064 on the showroom floor. See for yourself how IrriGreen waters to the exact shape of the lawn – conforming to every curve and angle.