Landscape Labor: Use It Wisely

Chances are, if two or more landscape and irrigation contractors get together for coffee or a few beers, the conversation will turn to the problem of labor. Finding, hiring, training, managing, and hanging on to good employees – that’s the most critical issue in the business.

In service industries like landscaping, the amount of work you can take on is directly tied to the quality and efficiency of your labor force.

ProGreen Expo Job Boards in Denver, February 2016

ProGreen Expo Job Boards in Denver, February 2016

Little surprise that Landscape Management magazine reported that getting and managing workers is the top challenge standing in the way of contractors growing their businesses in 2016. After all, this was not new news. Labor was contractors’ top concern going into 2015, too.

Growth and Profit

The labor issue, of course, affects profitability as well as growth. The single biggest expense in the business is labor. Your business cannot be profitable unless you control costs, and you cannot control costs unless you manage labor effectively.

According to the annual wage report in Landscape Management, the average hourly wage for irrigation technicians with less than five years of experience is $13.86; for those with five or more years, $18.95.

The question is, how can you reduce labor costs while increasing the amount of work your crews get done? The answer is to work smarter.

Work Smarter. IrriGreen Smarter.

The best way to reduce labor costs is to use a more efficient system.  With the IrriGreen Genius™ Irrigation System, you don’t just save water; you save on materials and labor, too.  Since an IrriGreen system uses 70% less pipe, installs with no laterals, and only needs one sprinkler head per zone, labor hours can be reduced by 50% to 70%.

That means you could install 2-3 IrriGreen systems for the same labor cost as a traditional irrigation system.

Check out this IrriGreen installation video. See for yourself how the time you save is time you can use to install more systems per season – without increasing your payroll.

Contact IrriGreen and take advantage of the irrigation system that is so smart, it’s Genius™.