It’s Official. Homeowners Want to Save Water

We could talk all day about how the IrriGreen Genius®Irrigation System is the most revolutionary technology to come out of the industry in 40 years.  We could tell you how it uses up to 50% less water thanks to its inkjet-printer-inspired sprinkler heads and wireless lawn mapping system.  We could lay out how much simpler the installation process is compared to a traditional irrigation system.

But the truth is, it doesn’t mean much if consumers don’t care about it.

Sure, the time and cost saved on labor and materials will benefit landscape contractors and irrigation installers.  The water savings, however, are primarily a consumer benefit.  The question is, do they care about water savings and superior irrigation technology?

According to a recent survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects, the answer is yes.  In fact, more efficient irrigation was in the top 10 of the residential  projects landscape architects expect to undertake for homeowners in 2016.

With IrriGreen, keeping a lawn healthy and green has never been more “green” or easier for homeowners.  Simply put, IrriGreen is the irrigation system that consumers want.  More efficient, water-saving,  and easier to use.

Meeting the Demand

This news is crucial for contractors.  Why is it such a big deal?  Let’s take a look at the broader housing industry.

Homeowners most interested in water efficiency are 35 years of age or younger, have earned college degrees, and have children at home. This demographic segment is the emerging market for new homes today. In fact, millennials will make up 35 percent of homebuyers in 2016. They value sustainability and care about conserving water.

Homeowners still want green lawns, but they also want a better system to make that happen.  They want to save water.  The contractors who are ready to meet those demands will be the ones reaping the benefits as the market shifts.  And the market is indeed shifting.

IrriGreen can put you on the cutting edge.  Meet the new demand with IrriGreen.  Smart Control. Smart Sprinklers. Irrigation that’s Genius®.  Contact us today.