IrriGreen Available in Wyoming and Colorado

Just because there are mountains doesn’t mean there aren’t lawns to be watered.  We are working with Colorado Pump & Supply (CPS) to distribute the IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System to contractors throughout Colorado and Wyoming.  CPS is the largest wholesale distributor of professional irrigation supplies in the Rocky Mountains region.  They pride themselves on offering the best water saving technologies.

“IrriGreen is a new technology that our contractors can offer to their customers looking for innovative, more efficient lawn irrigation options,” says Dave Nelson, director of sales and marketing at CPS.  “In addition, IrriGreen can help contractors save installation time and reduce labor costs.”

It’s true.  The IrriGreen Genius® System is the most fundamental advance in lawn irrigation technology in more than 40 years.

What Makes IrriGreen Different?

The IrriGreen system uses patented engineering inspired by inkjet printer technology to “print” water in precise lawn patterns.  This eliminates overlapping sprays and over sprays, reducing water use by up to 50%.

Because of its precise delivery and range, IrriGreen sprinkler heads are installed in the middle of lawn irrigation “zones”, as opposed to all along zone edges like a traditional system.

Contractors save on time and labor costs, customers get advanced, water-conserving technology – making everyone happy.

About CPS distributors, inc.

CPS isn’t just the largest wholesale irrigation supplier in the Rocky Mountain area; it’s also one of the oldest.  With roots that trace back to 1890, CPS distributors, inc. has provided pump, lawn irrigation, and landscaping supplies to Colorado and Wyoming for over a century.

Their corporate offices are located in Westminster, Colorado.

If you’re a contractor in Wyoming or Colorado, contact them today, and find out how you can start installing IrriGreen for your customers.