Warner’s Outdoor Solutions Now Providing IrriGreen to the Twin Cities

For over 20 years, Warner’s Outdoor Solutions of Woodbury, Minnesota has provided the Twin Cities metro with lawn irrigation systems, tree & shrub care, landscape design-build services, and more.  Warner’s extensive client base includes both residential and commercial customers seeking superior outdoor maintenance.

This year, Warner’s began selling and installing the IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System.

Recently, we sat down with the President of Warner’s Outdoor Solutions, Ryan Warner, to discuss why they chose IrriGreen and how it will benefit their customers.

When and how did you first learn about IrriGreen?

Ryan Warner - President

Ryan Warner – President

“In the fall of 2015, we were out at a customer’s home in Mendota Heights to over-seed their lawn before winter. The customer has an IrriGreen system, and he told me all about it. The system was shut off for winter so I did not get to see how works, and my customer suggested that I get in touch with Bobby Jensen, Sales Director at IrriGreen.”

Did you get to see IrriGreen in action?

“Bobby and Gary Klinefelter, the inventor of IrriGreen, met me at a home in Eden Prairie where IrriGreen has been installed. I got a demonstration. I was impressed with how its sprays went out from the sprinkler heads to the edge of the lawn and then came back in, shortening up to stay within the shape of the lawn.”

What problems does IrriGreen solve for your customers?

“The biggest advantage and benefit, especially for lawns with lots of curves and corners, is water savings. With IrriGreen, you do not have the inefficiency of overlapping sprays and do not waste water with over-shooting the lawn. The sprays adjust as the heads rotate to keep water on the lawn, with the sprays following curves and making turns at the corners. No water wasted on driveways and patios.

“I also think that IrriGreen can help keep shrubs healthy. Shrubs need less water than turf grass. They do better with less. With IrriGreen, you can water the grass right up to shrubs with the sprays pulling back before putting water on the shrubs.”

For your customers, do the water savings translate into money savings?

“A lot depends, of course, on where they are located, the size of their lawn, and how dry a summer we have. It is not unusual for some of our customers to pay double or triple what water costs in the next municipality over. So for some of our customers, IrriGreen could save them $100 a month on water during the summer.”

Could you match the precision of IrriGreen with a conventional system?

“You could try. You would have to select and install different types of sprinkler heads for specific sections within each irrigation zone and then manually adjust each one. It still would not be as a precise as IrriGreen, and it would so time-consuming and expensive that I doubt any customers would pay for it.

“There is another problem. If there is any change in the landscape, with conventional technology, the sprinkler system cannot adapt. For instance, if you install a new fire pit or extend a patio, with IrriGreen, I would just open up their mobile app on my Smartphone and adjust the length of the sprays to match the new changed outline of the lawn.”


Warner’s Displays IrriGreen at Minneapolis Home & Garden Show

What problems does IrriGreen solve for you as an installation contractor?

“It is easier to install and takes less labor. Think about a typical 10,000-square-foot suburban lawn. With a conventional sprinkler system, we have to install 30-40 sprinkler heads versus maybe six with IrriGreen. And, with IrriGreen, we just have one mainline for water down the middle as opposed to having to trench laterals and install pipe connecting heads to the mainline. That will save us a lot of time.”

What about long-term maintenance?

“In general, the less product you have in the ground, the fewer problems you are likely to have. The more pipe you have buried in the ground, that is more pipe where pinhole leaks can develop, more fittings and connections that can develop problems over time. Take that typical 10,000-square-foot lawn. With a regular system, we have to install 30, 40 heads and that takes 1,500 or more feet of pipe under the ground. With IrriGreen, because you only have one head per zone, that is five or six heads and about 250 feet of pipe.”

(We also got a comment from Warner’s Vice President, Nick Fogle)

Nick Fogle - Vice President

Nick Fogle – Vice President

Warner’s demonstrated IrriGreen at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show in February. What was the reaction?

“There was a great deal of excitement. People were kind of amazed as they watched the sprays change and adjust to match the shape of the display lawn. People told us they could see how IrriGreen is an innovation that can save water.”

Ready to Save Water?

See for yourself and hear Bobby Jensen explain IrriGreen in this video:

Are you looking for a lawn irrigation solution? If you are in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, Warner’s Outdoor Solutions is ready to set you up with an IrriGreen Genius® System.  Click the link below to get a bid or more information.