Atlantic Irrigation Now Providing IrriGreen to Contractors in the Eastern States

For contractors in the Eastern U.S., we have good news. Atlantic Irrigation Specialties, one of the East Coast’s premier irrigation distributors, is now offering the IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System. With more than 30 locations, Atlantic Irrigation distributes as far north as Maine and has far south as Georgia.


Here’s what Ed Santalone, President of Atlantic, had to say:

“The contractors we serve are challenged to use both labor and water more efficiently and effectively. We seek out manufacturers who invest in the development and production of cutting-edge technologies that help contractors tackle these problems.

“The IrriGreen system installs with fewer sprinkler heads and less pipe to save labor and sprays with accuracy to save water.”

How Does IrriGreen Save Labor and Water?

The IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System is adapted from the digital control technology and nozzle design of commercial inkjet printers. The result is the most original innovation in lawn irrigation technology in over 40 years.

In the same way a printer sprays ink in a controlled pattern upon a page, IrriGreen Genius® Sprinklers print water in precise patterns on lawns. IrriGreen cuts water use by up to 50%.

The IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System also cuts down on parts and labor by requiring just one sprinkler head in the middle of each zone, rather than a line of heads installed all around the outside. And, with the Genius® Mobile App, installers configure zones and set sprinkler heads directly on their Smartphone.

About Atlantic Irrigation

Atlantic Irrigation provides residential and commercial contractors with superior irrigation equipment, support, and training.

With 31 locations in the U.S. and one in Toronto, Canada, Atlantic Irrigation covers a lot of ground (yes, the irrigation pun is intended). Installers can find the location nearest them by clicking here.