IrriGreen Featured in Colorado Green

We think it’s safe to say that Colorado is a big fan of IrriGreen. We recently announced that CPS, the biggest (and oldest) irrigation supplier in the Rocky Mountain region, now distributes the IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System

Now, our technology has been featured in Colorado Green magazine.

The Short Version

The article focuses on water saving initiatives, with IrriGreen at the top of the list. They start by explaining that our technology comes from a very different industry: commercial inkjet printers.

It started when our founder, Gary Klinefelter, wanted to water his lawn with a traditional irrigation system, but realized it was all wrong. Being someone who holds 35 patents in the design of commercial printers, he saw a severe lack of precision.

After all, printers are built on precision and efficiency. Why couldn’t those same traits be brought over to sprinklers for lawn irrigation?

To quote Colorado Green, “[IrriGreen] upsets the current design paradigm”, delivering the most radical change in irrigation in decades. There’s a reason we call our award-winning technology “Genius”.

Turning the Sprinkler Head Concept on Its, Well, Head

A traditional irrigation system places sprinkler heads on the edges of a zone, spraying inward. Not only does this create serious overlap and water waste, but also it requires more heads and pipe.

The IrriGreen system inverts this, placing one head in the middle of a zone, covering the whole surrounding area with precision.

“IrriGreen has a mission,” says Klinefelter. “We are committed to conserving water for the future.”

Additionally, the IrriGreen system requires less supplies and labor.

Read the full Colorado Green article here.

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