Many Great Companies Had Humble Beginnings

Starbucks began when two teachers and a writer managed to scrape together a few thousand dollars. Microsoft was launched with a pitch for a product that wasn’t even developed yet. And, of course, Apple got started in a garage by two young guys, one of whom couldn’t really write code.

As for IrriGreen, we started in a completely different industry: the design and manufacturing of high-tech, commercial inkjet printers. That’s why we could think about lawn irrigation in a new way – way beyond the imagination of industry incumbents.

Gary Klinefelter wondered why lawn sprinklers spray water on lawns so haphazardly – so unlike the accuracy with which printers spray on a page. He founded IrriGreen in 2011 to introduce digitally controlled sprinkler heads.  Since then, we’ve gone through a lot of growth and change.

After five years of trial and error, five years of progress, it’s safe to say…

We are on the way

The way toward transforming the way we water our lawns!

It was evident last year as the IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System continued to rack up more awards for technology innovation. It was confirmed when we finished up 2015 by securing our first patents. And, it was reaffirmed this summer, when IrriGreen was the only lawn irrigation system chosen by Landscape and Irrigation as one the top 20 new products in the industry.

The industry is taking notice…

When IrriGreen recently announced that Northeast Turf & Irrigation is our newest distributor, David Rountree, Editor of Total Landscape Care, took note. He interviewed Gary Klinefelter and reported on our progress in taking our pioneering technology to the market:

“Having invented a sprinkler system based on irrigating with the precision of an inkjet printer spraying ink, IrriGreen founder Gary Klinefelter is busy these days expanding his young company’s distribution network.”

Today, IrriGreen is available to professional contractors in 23 states. More distribution locations are on the way soon.

See for yourself

Every time we demonstrate IrriGreen, the response is terrific. You can see for yourself at any of the 140 local wholesale stores that carry our system. And, we’ll be at the Irrigation Show again this year.

Sam Roppe, Irrigation Division Manager at Northeast Turf & Irrigation, advised:

“The most successful irrigation professionals know the importance of staying on top of advancing technology. IrriGreen’s smart sprinklers bring the future of irrigation technology to the market today.”

Isn’t it time for you to take notice?

As we continue to extend our technology and expand distribution, the future is getting here fast, very fast.

Don’t be left behind. Contact IrriGreen, today.