Overwatering Lawns is Taxing Minnesota’s Water Supply

Planet Earth is comprised of 75 percent water, and yet, we find ourselves in a growing shortages of it. Even in America, getting fresh, clean water into our homes and businesses takes a lot effort and money.

But, it’s not just a problem for parched California and thirsty New England

Water shortages are a very real and present problem in the Midwest.

In Minnesota, the aquifers that we get our water from are being tapped faster than they’re being replenished. As the metro area of the Twin Cities continues to grow, aquifer levels could go down by 40 feet in the next 25 years according to researchers.

Overwatering lawns is a big part of the problem.

While efficiencies in appliances have reduced interior water use, exterior water use is higher than ever. Green grass is a desired feature of any landscape, especially in the suburbs, but the cost is high. Some areas of the metro are tripling their water usage according to a recent Star Tribune article.

Currently, the University of the Minnesota and the Metropolitan Council are conducting a study to determine more effective methods, but the truth is, there’s already breakthrough technology that can reduce water use for lawn irrigation by 50 percent. It’s the IrriGreen Genius®Irrigation System.

What Makes IrriGreen Different?

In recent years, the irrigation industry has introduced “smart” technology in the form of system controllers that react to soil moisture and the weather. For example, if it’s raining, the system shuts off to preserve water.

The IrriGreen system also features this technology but takes water saving further, creating a smarter technology.

What sets IrriGreen apart is that it’s the first irrigation system to extend digital control from the controller out to the sprinkler head. That’s what makes IrriGreen so smart, it’s Genius.

Using engineering inspired by commercial inkjet printers, the Genius System waters lawns with precision. Like a printer spraying ink on a page, IrriGreen “prints” water on lawns. Just one head per zone, eliminating inefficient overlapping sprays, excessive watering, and wasteful over-spraying onto driveways, sidewalks and street.

The end result is an irrigation system that delivers amazing results without wasting water. It’s our belief that if enough people switched over to the IrriGreen system, it would be a significant contribution to solving the water crisis.

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