Wolf Creek Company Joins Growing List of IrriGreen Distributors

When they get a sprinkler system for their lawn, most people don’t give much thought to what type of system is installed. But they should. Why? Because your lawn irrigation system is part of an ecosystem that includes not just your own yard, but your neighborhood, your city, and ultimately, the world.

And because it’s part of an ecosystem, there’s more to irrigation than burying pipe in the ground, hooking up some sprinkler heads and turning it on.

This is something that irrigation distributor Wolf Creek Company understands. For 55 years, Wolf Creek Co. has not only provided lawn and irrigation supply services across four states, but they’ve educated contractors, government officials, and institutions on landscaping, irrigation, and more.

Wolf Creek Co. offers extensive online educational resources and professional classes so that people can better understand how irrigation works. That’s one of many reasons why it’s good news that Wolf Creek Co. is now distributing the IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System®. Wolf Creek Co. is excited as well.

“IrriGreen brings lawn irrigation forward into the digital age,” said Scott Knowles, president, Wolf Creek Company. “It is a good option for contractors who want to get out ahead of the competition by adopting advanced technology.”


Wolf Creek sees the same thing suppliers and contractors all across the country are seeing: IrriGreen is technology for the future.

A Better Way to Water Lawns

IrriGreen represents the most fundamental change in lawn irrigation in over 40 years. That’s largely because it’s initial concept comes from a completely different industry: commercial inkjet printers.

Whereas traditional irrigation systems are highly inaccurate and wasteful, commercial grade printers are very accurate and efficient, placing ink in specific patterns. In the same way, IrriGreen sprinkler heads “print” water into designated zones, eliminating overlap and cutting down water waste as much as 50%.

About Wolf Creek Company

Founded in 1961, Wolf Creek Co. is a family owned distribution group that provides a variety of green industry services. In addition to distributing quality irrigation products, they service golf courses and sports facilities, design landscapes, and provide pipe and fittings for temporary pipe systems.

In all of their services, they emphasize quality materials, education, and superior customer support.

“Wolf Creek understands and is committed to the green industry,” said Ray Lamovec, sales and marketing director, IrriGreen, Inc. “Their extensive online and in-field educational programs and technical assistance demonstrate their industry leadership.” Wolf Creek Company has distribution offices in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

Visit their website to find their location nearest you.