Why IrriGreen is Great for Homeowners

A beautiful home needs a beautiful lawn. While maintaining a home can prove to be a lot of work, maintaining a green lawn doesn’t have to be.

Sprinkler systems have been around for some time, allowing home owners to keep their green lawns green without dragging around hoses and manual sprinklers. But sprinkler systems are far from perfect, even if you’re having one professionally installed.

The Problems of Most Irrigation Systems

Today’s mechanical irrigation systems come with a lot of shortcomings.

They’re complicated to install, requiring contractors to dig up your lawn in a lot of places for trenches to run the necessary pipes and wire. Once in place, they waste a lot water, resulting in high water bills for homeowners.

And often, the results they give are uneven. Due to the inconsistency in water placement, homeowners are often left with brown patches and circular patterns in their lawns.

Lucky for homeowners, there’s a new system on the market that solves all of these issues and more. It’s called the IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System.

What is IrriGreen?

IrriGreen is the most revolutionary irrigation product in the past 40 years. Derived from inkjet printer technology, the Genius System is capable of precise water delivery across the entire lawn that traditional setups can’t match. Recent studies have shown IrriGreen to save as much as 40% on water.

Additionally, IrriGreen works with only one sprinkler head needed in the center of each irrigation zone in your lawn, instead of 6-8 traditional sprinkler heads all around the edges of each zone. This results in less material, shorter installation times, and less digging into your lawn.

The Advantages of IrriGreen for Homeowners are Clear

IrriGreen saves time, water, and ultimately, money.

“IrriGreen gives [homeowners] more for their money,” says Jarod Roberts, owner of Westside Sprinkler in Colorado. “It solves issues in addition to better coverage. With only one head per zone, less pipe and less wire, fewer valves, fewer fittings, there is less disturbance of the landscape during installation, much less work for [contractors] and less to go wrong after we leave.”

Not only does it save on mess and water expenses, but IrriGreen offers more flexibility for future landscaping projects.

“If they decide to add a fire pit or enlarge a patio, they won’t have to get sections of their system dug up,” Roberts adds. “With the IrriGreen Mobile App on a Smartphone, just adjust the distance and direction of the throw to make the streams follow the new shape of the zone.”

Ask your local contractor about IrriGreen or contact us to find an IrriGreen installer near you.