The Sprinkler Head Contractors Prefer

When it comes to landscaping, a professional opinion goes a long way. After all, an experienced professional has likely used most major products and brands out there.

That’s why each month, Landscape Management magazine asks landscaping and irrigation professionals to recommend a product they rely on. For the month of January, the focus was specifically on irrigation spray heads.

Jarod Roberts, Owner of Westside Sprinkler & Property Performance in Colorado, recommended our very own Genius Sprinklers.

Here’s why:

Less Water. Less Effort.

The reasons for Jarod’s recommendation are simple. Not only does IrriGreen use 40% less water, but it’s less work to set up.

“With only one computerized smart head per zone, instead of six to nine rotors, there is less pipe and less wire, fewer valves and fewer fittings,” says Jarod.

“Installations require much less time and effort for me and my guys, minimize disturbance of clients’ landscapes during installation, and with less product in the ground there is much less to go wrong after we leave.”

It ends up being better for both the client and contractor, not to mention the environment.

Scientifically Backed Savings

It’s not just contractors and suppliers that are saying great things about the IrriGreen Genius System. The Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) conducted a series of tests to evaluate IrriGreen’s efficiency against traditional sprinkler systems.

In these tests, IrriGreen matched the sprinkler operational efficiency and water distribution uniformity of mechanical systems… and did so with 40 percent less water. You can see a full report on the study here.

The Results are Clear

IrriGreen is the biggest advancement in irrigation technology in 40 years. Isn’t it time for you to take advantage of IrriGreen’s award-winning technology? IrriGreen is available to contractors at suppliers all across the country. Visit our “Where to Buy” page to find the distributor nearest you