Rising Water Prices

Watering lawns has never been free, but it’s generally been so affordable that the costs don’t make much difference. That, however, has been changing in recent years.

In 30 major US cities, water bills rose by 41% between 2010-2015. And all signs point to that price continuing to rise.

If that happens, water will become unaffordable for a third of American households five years from now. According to a recent study by Michigan State University, when water costs more than 4.5% of household income, people are forced to reallocate finances to pay for it.

Even people who are better off will feel the pinch.

What’s Causing the Prices to Rise?

Much of the cost increase comes down to infrastructure. Cities’ water systems are old, faulty, insufficient, and/or unable to meet modern water standards. Updates and repairs are costly. That, factored in with population growth and unpredictable weather patterns, results in a strain on water supplies and infrastructure.

Consumers Want to Save Water

Much like the increase in gasoline prices gradually pushed consumers to more fuel-efficient vehicles, the increase in water cost is creating a demand for water saving technology. This includes appliances, plumbing and water-heating systems, and, of course, irrigation.

Homeowners still want beautiful green lawns. But they need to be able to continue to afford them.

The trouble is, almost all irrigation systems waste excessive amounts of water. Even the latest “smart systems” are prone to excessive over-spraying and inefficient spray overlapping. To combat the rising costs of water, a better technology is needed.

IrriGreen – The Irrigation System That’s So Smart, It’s Genius®

The IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System is engineered to water a lawn better while using less water. With IrriGreen, each zone needs just one sprinkler head that’s able to distribute water according to the shape of the lawn. The result is less materials needed and less water used.

According to a study by the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT), IrriGreen is able to deliver the same results as conventional systems while using 40% less water.

That’s not just the kind of savings homeowners want. Soon, it will be the kind of savings they need.

The increase in the cost of water cost is very real. To meet consumer demand, contractors must be able to provide the latest in water-saving technology. IrriGreen’s Genius® system is the biggest advancement in irrigation technology in 40 years. Click here to find a distributor near you.