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The Challenges of Transforming Technology

“We’re trying to introduce Wi-Fi and electronic sensors and [one] electronic sprinkler head to an industry where people are used to shovels to dig and put a lot of sprinkler heads in the ground.” – Gary Klinefelter, Founder and CEO …
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IrriGreen Receives US Patent for Smart Technology

When it comes to lawn irrigation, there’s nothing on the market like IrriGreen. We now officially have the patent to prove it. The IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System was recently granted a new patent. US Patent 9,643,196 B2 specifically covers IrriGreen’s …
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IrriGreen Saves Water in CIT Test, Proves Labor Savings in the Field

We talk a lot about the capabilities of the IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System. We want people to know that it can do a better job of watering lawns while using much less water. And, of course, it cuts down on …
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Many Great Companies Had Humble Beginnings

Starbucks began when two teachers and a writer managed to scrape together a few thousand dollars. Microsoft was launched with a pitch for a product that wasn’t even developed yet. And, of course, Apple got started in a garage by …
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IrriGreen at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show

The Minneapolis Home and Garden Show has officially begun!  For two weekends, February 26-28 and March 4-6, you can come to the Minneapolis Convention Center and see the very best of what home and gardening has to offer.  Service providers, …
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New Mobile App Makes IrriGreen Even Easier to Use

In this technology-driven age, landscape contractors are adding apps to their Smartphones to help them work smarter, not harder to install irrigation systems. IrriGreen, the only laborsaving technology in lawn irrigation, is even easier and faster for contractors to install, …
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