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Landscape Labor: Use It Wisely

Chances are, if two or more landscape and irrigation contractors get together for coffee or a few beers, the conversation will turn to the problem of labor. Finding, hiring, training, managing, and hanging on to good employees – that’s the …
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The Crazy Ways People Save Water and Why You Don’t Have to Do Them

Saving water equates to saving money, and people often take extreme measures when it comes to saving a buck. While cutting back on water usage is a great way to save hard-earned cash, people can sometimes take their practices to …
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How Much Water Can We Save?

Lawn and landscape irrigation accounts for more residential water consumption than all indoor water uses combined. In the United States alone, we use 9 million gallons of water every day to water our lawns. According to the EPA, outdated irrigation …
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Mandatory Water Conservation During California Drought

California is suffering one of the most severe droughts it has ever seen. Record-breaking shortages of water are taking a toll on the homeowners, businesses, the environment and the economy alike. What’s confounding residents of many neighborhoods is that they …
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What’s the Cost of Water Where you Live and Work?

It’s not something that many people think about on a daily basis, but do you know what the cost of water is in your hometown? Sure, you may be able to find the exact answer by looking at your water …
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How Much Water Do We Use Every Day in the US?

While water is found everywhere in the world (in fact, our plant is made up of 71 percent water), the amount that is usable for drinking, bathing and various other uses is a completely different story. Many places in the …
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