The Challenges of Transforming Technology

“We’re trying to introduce Wi-Fi and electronic sensors and [one] electronic sprinkler head to an industry where people are used to shovels to dig and put a lot of sprinkler heads in the ground.”

– Gary Klinefelter, Founder and CEO of IrriGreen

Neal St. Anthony, Business Columnist at the Star Tribune, recently visited IrriGreen and talked with Gary about the challenges IrriGreen is taking on as we revolutionize the lawn irrigation industry with our transformative technology.

You can read the article online.

Introducing New Technology

Most of us don’t see landscaping as a high-tech industry. Piles of soil and stone, wheelbarrows, dirty shovels. Isn’t this what you picture when you think about landscaping technology?

When it comes to lawn irrigation technology, the most “advanced” technology on the market has remained roughly the same for 40 years. A few dozen sprinkler heads rise up from the ground and spray water in different directions.

The sprays overlap – overwatering portions of the yard. The sprays overshoot – turning nearby sidewalks into makeshift streams running off into the street.

Outdated sprinklers get the job done, but there’s a serious lack of control and conservation. Yet, people still want green lawns.

Because there are so many sprinkler heads to install and connect, the technology limits the number of installations contractors can get done each season. Yet, they still want to grow their businesses.

These problems create the opportunity for a new technology to enter the market and turn the industry upside-down. That technology is already available. It’s here today. It’s the IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System.

Why IrriGreen is Different.

IrriGreen uses patented technology inspired by commercial ink-jet printers to distribute water in precise patterns. Whereas traditional systems place six to nine overlapping sprinkler heads in each area of the lawn, IrriGreen requires only one digital Genius smart head per zone, and it matches its sprays to the exact shape of the lawn.

IrriGreen’s software has been proven to eliminate overspray and water waste.

Fresno State University’s Center for Irrigation Technology recently conducted a study comparing our digital technology with traditional systems. The findings? IrriGreen can achieve the same watering results as traditional sprinklers… with 40% less water.

Since IrriGreen requires significantly fewer heads, it can be installed in a third of the time. Contractors can install more systems per season, without trying to hire more workers,

What’s more, contractors and homeowners can easily control, monitor, and modify IrriGreen on any Apple or Android device over a wireless network with our mobile app.

To top it off, IrriGreen’s software can calculate and control the exact number of gallons used to water lawns. For homeowners and commercial property owners who must manage water budgets, that’s the added value of IrriGreen.

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