Changing the Way People Think of Sprinklers

Lawn sprinklers have been around for a long time. 1871 to be exact. That was the year that Joseph Lessler of Buffalo, New York was granted the first patent for a “lawn sprinkler”.

In the following years, there would be many more advancements and patents for sprinklers. It was Joseph Oswald in 1890 that created the rotating, metal arm sprinkler.

Advancements continued at a regular pace until the 1970s, when automated, pop-up sprinklers came to the mainstream market. Since then, the basic mechanical technology has pretty much stayed the same.

Smart controllers bring more precision to when sprinkler systems turn on and shut off. However, smart controller benefits are limited because they are still controlling 40-year-old mechanical technology.

That is, until a few years ago when a brand-new type of sprinkler hit the market: The IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System. The first lawn sprinkler system to use digital technology to extend intelligence from smart controllers out to smart sprinkler heads in the lawn.

A Different Type of Sprinkler Head

Standard sprinklers split a lawn into zones with multiple sprinkler heads per zone. Not only does this require a lot of parts and labor for installation, but it results in sprinklers overlapping, which means a lot of water is wasted.

The Genius system is conceptually different in its engineering.

Designed in a similar manner to ink-jet printer heads, the IrriGreen Sprinkler shoots out 14 streams of water that follow the pattern of the lawn. Only one sprinkler head is needed per zone and no water-waste takes place.

Recent tests by the Center for Irrigation Technology showed that IrriGreen is able to deliver the same results as mechanical sprinklers while using 40% less water.

Water Savings: Not Just a Convenience, a Necessity

A recent article in Irrigation & Green Industry highlighted the need for efficiency while discussing today’s sprinkler heads.

IrriGreen is specifically highlighted for its unique approach to irrigation.

The article quotes our own Ray Lamovec as he comments on our system: “You can program it to evenly water any shape within a 60-foot circle around the head, because the volume of each stream is proportional to the surface area. You don’t have to overwater 75 percent of a zone, just so the remaining 25 percent will be green.”

Additionally, the savings on labor are explained…

“Because you don’t have to run laterals to all the edges of a zone. Instead of putting four, six or even eight heads around the edge of a lawn, where they are more likely to get damaged, you’re installing one head, right in the middle.”

With stricter irrigation laws now enforced, and with more stringent rules on the way, and as municipal water supply infrastructures are strained, a better lawn irrigation system is needed. And it’s here. It’s IrriGreen.

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