Good Irrigation Technicians = $$$

One of your top priorities is to recruit, train, manage, and retain good irrigation technicians. It’s their experience and skills that drive your success.

But it’s their wages that drive your costs.

Retention is a pain point for almost any business owner. These days it’s especially painful for contractors. You don’t need us to tell you that your labor expenses are on the rise, and if you want to keep your good workers, you need to pay up.

It can leave you feeling trapped. How can you pay your irrigation technicians competitive wages, while reducing your labor costs per job and increasing the number of jobs your crews can do per season?

The answer: you work smarter – IrriGreen smarter.

Fewer Heads. Less Labor.

If you have to pay irrigation techs more per hour, doesn’t it make sense to enable them to do more per hour?

With only one computerized IrriGreen smart head per zone connected directly to the main line, instead of six to nine rotors installed on laterals, you have fewer holes to dig, less pipe to lay, fewer valves and fewer fittings to install, and less wire to connect.  Plus, you aim IrriGreen Genius Heads with our Genius Mobile app on your Smartphone.

Contractors are learning they can install two or three IrriGreen systems with the same amount of labor it takes to install one traditional, mechanical irrigation system.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what the Professionals are Saying:

“Installations require much less time and effort for me and my guys, minimize disturbance of clients’ landscapes during installation, and with less product in the ground there is much less to go wrong after we leave.”

Jarod Roberts
Westside Sprinkler & Property Performance
Lakewood, Colorado

See for yourself. Watch this IrriGreen installation video. Then contact us.

Irrigation Technician Hourly Wages

Industry Pulse, Landscape Management
December 2017

Irrigation Technician Hourly Wages by Seniority

 Top Irrigation Technician  $19.74
 Senior Irrigation Technician  $15.76
 Experienced Irrigation Technician  $12.65
 Junior Irrigation Technician  $10.48

Bureau of Labor Statistics
U.S. Department of Labor
May 2017