IrriGreen Receives US Patent for Smart Technology

When it comes to lawn irrigation, there’s nothing on the market like IrriGreen. We now officially have the patent to prove it.

The IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System was recently granted a new patent. US Patent 9,643,196 B2 specifically covers IrriGreen’s software algorithm.

Our software controls the spray position and direction, watering distance, and rotational speed of IrriGreen’s smart sprinkler head. With this computer technology in place, IrriGreen is able to perfectly contour watering patterns to the edges of your lawn, eliminating water waste while delivering the same great results as traditional irrigation systems.

In fact, a recent study by the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) compared one IrriGreen Genius head per irrigation zone against mechanical system configurations with six to nine mechanical rotors or spray heads. IrriGreen kept the grass just as green, but used 40% fewer gallons of water.

IrriGreen is able to do this thanks to our patented technology that extends intelligence beyond “smart” irrigation controllers and sensors.

Not All “Smart” Systems are Equal

Many tech products advertise themselves as “smart”. Like most buzzwords, the exact definition of “smartness” is vague, but it typically refers to the degree of autonomy a product has to predict, react, adapt, and more.

Often, however, it just means the product can connect to a network or the internet.

Internet-connected irrigation controllers intelligently turn sprinkler systems on and off.  Moisture sensor innovation has advanced from wired sensors to wireless sensors. It has also moved from simple rain detectors to more advanced moisture sensors and weather stations. But once this smart technology turns an irrigation system on, “dumb” old mechanical sprinklers waste water with overlapping sprays and over-shooting past the lawn.

The IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System takes smart technology further. IrriGreen connects to a wireless network and controls when it comes on and turns off, but it’s also able to adapt to your lawn shape, adjusting its sprays up to 437 times per rotation of its smart sprinkler heads, using considerably less water to provide the same green results.

And That’s Not All

Because of IrriGreen’s superior engineering, it only requires one sprinkler head per zone. That means shorter installation times, fewer supplies needed, and less damage done to lawns upon installation.

Simply put, IrriGreen is the most revolutionary product in irrigation in the past 40 years.

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