App Screen Shots for Programming Zones

Program Zone Start
Program Zone Two points
Program Zone Zone outline
Watering Scheduling
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IrriGreen Checklist letter sized
IrriGreen Overview Brochure
IrriGreen spec sheet
IrriGreen Water Application Rates
IrriGreen Dealer Tri-fold
Consumer Postcard with blank space for Installer information. Print ready file
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CIT Graphic 160% overwatering at 80% DU
Conventional irrigation overwatering at 65% DULQ
Household water usage chart
IrriGreen – genius house
IrriGreen – traditional house
IrriGreen comp illust – Genius
IrriGreen comp illust – traditional
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EcoZone Training

EcoZone Installation Guide
EcoZone Mobile App Guide
Connecting Local IrriGreen Network
Genius Sprinkler Water Application Rate


IrriGreen Installation Overview Video
IrriGreen Wiring Instructional Video
Introduction to the Irrigreen Mobile App


IrriGreen .ai Logo final
IrriGreen .eps Logo final
IrriGreen .jpg Logo final
IrriGreen .pdf Logo final
IrriGreen .png Logo final
IrriGreen Logo

White papers

DULQ and spacing
EPA 65% DU cited for Watersense guidelines
Executive Summary – IrriGreen Soil Volumetric Water Report
Irrigreen Report 2014 Dr BH

Diagnostics / Troubleshooting

IrriGreen Diagnostic Troubleshooting Help Screens
Connecting Local IrriGreen Network

Legacy Genius Training

Installation Manual
Mobile App Guide
IrriGreen Controller & Server (ConServer™) Wiring Schematic/Diagram
IrriGreen System Requirements and Design Throw Distances
Mobile App Training Presentation
IrriGreen Installation Illustration
IrriGreen Design and Installation Overview
Installation Manual – Spanish
Mobile App Guide – Spanish