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Who is IrriGreen?

IrriGreen is a high-tech irrigation manufacturing company that developed the Genius™ Lawn Irrigation system.

What is the IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System?

The system uses computerized sprinklers to water to the exact shape of any lawn. The system has a Wi-Fi enabled controller that is wired to Genius Sprinklers using multi-wire irrigation cable. Genius systems include a flow meter to automate setup and monitor performance. A mobile app is used for system setup and scheduling.

What makes IrriGreen different?

IrriGreen changes everything. All conventional irrigation systems water from the outside of the landscape zone. The IrriGreen System requires just one sprinkler in the center of each watering zone, instead of the 6-8 ordinary sprinklers heads. This simplifies installation and saves water.

Is IrriGreen more expensive than conventional irrigation systems?

IrriGreen systems are about the same price as a well-designed and properly installed conventional irrigation system. IrriGreen systems feature a flow meter to track water usage, detect leaks and monitor system performance which may result in a slightly higher price. Although the IrriGreen sprinklers are more expensive than ordinary sprinklers, the system requires 80% fewer sprinklers and pipe … leading to pipe and labor savings which offset the cost of the sprinklers.


Is it easy to install an IrriGreen system?

Yes. IrriGreen systems eliminate most of the hard work required to install a conventional system. Just pull mainline and wire around house, connect several heads to the mainline every 50’ or so, and you are done!

How long to install an IrriGreen system?

14 – 20 man hours for a typical system of seven zones.

What makes it so fast to install?

You only install one head in about the middle of each zone. This means digging one hole per zone, and no laterals. Once the heads are installed, you only need worker to program/map the zones; the other worker(s) can go to the next job and get started on the next installation.

I usually use a four or five man crew. How many do I need to install an IrriGreen system?

Most professionals use a three man crew, but many use only two. Crews like putting these systems in, it is much easier on them and your equipment.

Why should I put in IrriGreen?

To increase your revenues with decreased man hours. Because IrriGreen saves 50-70% of the labor, you can put more systems each season … which means you are cashing more checks. Your good workers will want to stay so they can install Genius systems. Installing IrriGreen saves wear and tear on you, your workers and your equipment. Plus, since IrriGreen eliminates wasteful overlap, it uses up to 50% less water.

Do I need any special equipment?

No. IrriGreen systems install just like conventional systems, just with 50-50% less labor. Anyone that can operate a mobile app on a smart phone can program/map the zones.

How do I wire up an IrriGreen System

It’s the same as a conventional system. The IrriGreen controller boxes run on 24 VAC, like conventional irrigation systems. The sprinklers are wired to the controller like a conventional valve (think valve-in-head); you can use multi-wire irrigation cable or run a two strand wire to each head. The flow meter is wired to the controller. All wire connections must use a high quality waterproof wire connector, 3M ® DBY/DBR or equivalent.

How do I wire up an IrriGreen System with a hybrid system using conventional rotors or drip lines

The IrriGreen Controller runs on 24 VAC like conventional irrigation systems and should be wired as specified above. Separate from the IrriGreen sprinkler wiring is conventional valve wiring which will connect to a traditional controller. In a hybrid system like this, these 2 systems should not be run concurrently, but schedule one first, then the other.

How do I connect the water to an IrriGreen System

Water is connected just like a conventional system only there are not laterals only a main line. Each Genius sprinkler is located just off the main line. Water and cable are usually pulled together or trenched together.

Is the head wired to operate as the valve as well?

Yes, because there is a digitally controlled valve in each head – no need for valves or valve boxes.

Pressure regulation? Check valves built into head for hillside locations?

Pressure regulation is controlled by the valve contained in the head. A check valve on slopes is not necessary, the digitally controlled ball valve closes when watering is over.

How do I install IrriGreen systems?

Install only one head per zone. Run mainline down the middle of the yard. Tee off of it for each zone/head, plumb and wire.

How do I design the hydro zones?

It’s easy; simply consider the landscape shape that each IrriGreen head can water and make sure the streams from each head reaches the edge of the next watering zone. Head-to-head coverage is not recommended, only a 1 foot overlap between watering zones.

Do I have to adjust the heads and figure in distances, elevation and pipe friction and pressure drop?

No. The Genius sprinkler calculates all of that for you. Simply use the IrriGreen App to direct the water streams to a feature in the landscape, like a corner, and save that position. Then rotate the streams to another feature and adjust the streams. Save the second position and the sprinkler will draw the line between them. Several points may be needed for a curve. You can save up to 50 points per zone, but usually 10-15 points will complete a zone.

How do I program the head / map the zone?

It’s easy. Just use the app to rotate the head to direct the water streams at a point in the zone border. Adjust the stream distance to hit the point and save that point. Rotate to the next point and repeat until you have programmed/mapped the entire zone.

How long to program each head

The automatic calibration process will take 4 minutes, and then maybe another 5-10 minutes to map each watering zone.

How far away from the house can I be to program the head?

Depends on the landscape and where the Genius controller is, usually up to 200 feet away. You can use a Wi-Fi extender for longer distances.

Typical run times per head?

Zone run times differ per the shape and size of the zone. Each zone’s run time is calculated by the system and displayed by the mobile app. The sprinkler puts down .05” of water evenly throughout the zone per rotation, so you don’t have to match precipitation rates and times. The Genius Server will calculate the time that you set the clock for each zone. Typical run time is 45 minutes for a larger zone and 15 minutes for a smaller zone.

Area of Coverage on a per head basis?

At 60 PSI the heads can throw 30 feet in each direction. This means that about 1,500 to 2,000 sq. ft. can be covered in a zone.

Precipitation rate on the head?

The Genius Sprinkler “thinks” in inches of water not gallons. Each rotation of the head distributes .055 inches of water uniformly everywhere in the zone. This is due to the combination our patent-pending 14 port nozzle and patent-pending algorithms that control the speed of the rotation; faster on short throws (5 ft.) and slower on longer throws (30 ft.), and automatically for all distances in between, maintaining a uniform precipitation rate. The Server computes the run time for each zone, and you set the run time for each zone on the clock or mobile app to get the precipitation you want; six rotations at .055” equals .33 inches, and so on.

How would you handle a dry spot in a section of lawn? Typically, increase nozzle size in multiple head layout.

Because the computer makes 437 calculations per rotation putting down .055 inches evenly throughout the zone. We do not have an issue with dry areas. As noted it is not head to head coverage.

Comparisons / Differences

How much water does IrriGreen save?

IrriGreen reduces water used by a single 10,000 sq. ft. lawn (seven month season) by about 95,000 gallons/year.

Does the IrriGreen system detect leaks?

Yes. Our advanced system incorporates a flow meter that will tracks water usage and detect leaks.

How does this head compare in construction quality to RainBird 1800 Series (RD, SAM-PRS), RainBird Rotors, Toro 570 series, Hunter?

The body and nozzle are made of glass filled polypropylene an extremely strong and inert plastic various interior parts are constructed of poly vinyl chloride. A stainless steel spring retracts the head. We have performed accelerated life test testing to a ten year cycle with no failure. IrriGreen heads are located in the interior of the lawn and far less likely to be abused by cars, trucks or people. Our system uses up to 5 times less heads per system.

What about sprinkler systems that spray water on sidewalks and streets, with runoff water going down the street. Does IrriGreen solve this?

Yes. All conventional irrigation systems use analog/hydraulic sprinklers that must be placed around the outside of the lawn and therefore along the street and sidewalk. This means they inevitably spray water on the street and sidewalk, causing wasteful runoff. IrriGreen heads are placed on the interior of the lawn and spray to the exact shape of your lawn.


My water pressure varies during the day, will the system still work?

IrriGreen systems perform over 437 calculations per rotation to determine flow and direction. The system will detect major changes in water pressure from one watering period to another and adjust as needed day-by-day or from week-to-week. For some installations such as well pumps which have a wide variation in water supply pressure on a minute-by-minute basis, additional pressure regulation may be needed.

Can I run the system using a well system?

There are some instances where wells are used to supply irrigation water, and we find that if water supply pressure is not controlled or stabilized to slight changes (5-10 PSI) the stream distances from the head will fluctuate. See above about water pressure changes during the day.

There are areas where we are using re-claimed/re-cycled water; how do the heads stand up to normal dirt that may be present in the water. Any issues with clogging or deterioration to body or springs?

At this point, IrriGreen has no real time operating data on a Genius system in these conditions, but deterioration should not be a problem. Our system has a removable filter screen and nozzle in the pop-up portion of the sprinkler. Both can be easily removed and cleaned, or replaced. Large amounts of debris and sand, silt, or algae should be avoided.

How well does the head perform in the wind?

The Genius Sprinkler uses multiple streams of water that drive water into the soil and to the roots of turfgrass. These streams carry large sized droplets and are more wind resistant than conventional heads that mist water and can be easily windblown onto streets and sidewalks.

Does it operate from the controller?

Just like conventional systems, each watering zone can be scheduled using a clock/controller. The Genius Controller controls the operation of the head and nozzles. The controller is used only as an on/off clock, and the IrriGreen App tells the installer how many minutes for a particular zone based on revolutions. Each watering zone run time varies by size of landscape area covered.

Troubleshooting / Warranty

What is the warranty on the product?

We have a three-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on our products.

What happens if top gets clipped off by mower or damaged in some way? Geysers?

As with any system in the unlikely instance of our cap getting ripped off there may be severe water leaks during operation. The Genius system can detect these leaks and provide alerts. The property owner can shut down that zone until repairs or a replacement can be made. The other watering zones are not affected by one sprinkler.

Validation / Studies

Is there a study that validates what IrriGreen does?

Yes. We worked with Brian Horgan, Ph.D. from the University of the Minnesota Department of Horticultural Science to validate that IrriGreen waters with uniform precipitation. We also did an extensive test to validate water savings

Download (PDF, 849KB)

Download (PDF, 544KB)

How would this system fare if the homeowner hired a contractor to do an audit for uniformity coverage?

While catch-can testing is common for conventional rotor sprays, it does not provide a good representation of our multi-stream sprinkler’s ability to water the soil. We recommend using a Field Scout TDR300 to take soil moisture readings to determine watering uniformity. We worked with Brian Horgan, Ph.D. from the University of the Minnesota Department of Horticultural Science to validate this.

How many systems have been installed so far and what are the customers saying?

Contractors have installed 600+ Genius heads in five different states.

Distributors / How to Buy

What distributors are supplying your product?

We are working with many distributors, if your local store does not have IrriGreen, ask them to contact us.