Installer Product

Genius™ Sprinkler

Programmable sprinkler that waters with uniform precipitation in exact shape of any zone

  • Distance Range: up to 35’ (programmable)
  • Flow Rate: 1 – 10 GPM (programmable)
  • Programmable: Maps to any zone shape
  • Mapping points: up to 50 per zone
  • Water Pressure: 40 – 80 PSI
  • Water Inlet: ¾” FPT
  • Operating Temperature: 30 – 120˚F (0-50˚C)*
  • Body Height: 11”, Body Diameter: 5”
  • Pop-up Height: 5”, Pop-up Diameter: 2”
  • Housing Materials: Polypropylene and PVC
  • Sprinkler Electrical Connection: 2 wire, 18 gauge, 18” pigtail
  • Features: Multi-volume streams, digital valve-in-head, variable rotational speed; replaceable nozzle, screen filter and cap



Genius ConServer™

(controller / server system)

Connects to mobile devices with the Genius mobile app for scheduling and mapping zones; controls Genius sprinklers

    • No. of Zones: Each server runs up to eight zones. Each controller connects up to four servers
    • Wireless Network: Wi-Fi 802.11n for mobile devices, 433 Mhz radio for Controller/Server communication (up to 150’ range)
    • Sensor inputs: Flow meter (required, Toro® TFS-100) and rain sensor
    • Electrical supply: 24VAC, 500 ma
    • Sprinkler Electrical Connection: up to 700’ (18 gauge multi-conductor)
    • Enclosures: Outdoor, NEMA 4 rated
    • Sizes: Controller 6 ¾” x 4 ¾” x 2 ¼” , Server 9”x 5 ¾” x 2 ¼”
    • Features: LED indicators, power surge protection, internal antennas, USB port, memory backup

NOTE: The controller and server may be installed in separate locations, up to 200’ apart

irrigreen server

Genius Mobile app

For scheduling and programming/mapping zones

  • Android or iOS
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity to ConServer™ system
  • Interactive zone mapping with zone shape
  • Scheduling and manual operation
  • Contractor and homeowner versions
  • WPA Security
  • Features: Tracks water usage, leak detection, monitors sprinklers


Installer Comparison

Ordinary systems water from the outside-in with overlapping sprays from rows of sprinklers installed all along the perimeter of each zone.

IrriGreen waters from the inside-out.

The Genius Irrigation System enables installers to set the watering pattern of each sprinkler to the exact shape of the lawn. Installations are faster and easier up to 70% faster— plus maintenance time is reduced.

Because of our innovative digital technology and the unique design of our patent-pending 14-stream, multi-trajectory nozzles, IrriGreen requires only one sprinkler in each zone.

Fewer heads = less pipe, less time and effort to install.

IrriGreen Conventional
Digitally controlled water distribution at each sprinkler head
Minimizes over watering by eliminating the need for head-to-head coverage
Wirelessly program to fit the shape of landscape
Ensures accuracy of water precipitation rate
Reduces the number of irrigation sprinklers required for installation
Reduces the amount of pipe and fittings required for installation
Reduces the labor required to install the entire system
Reduces the water usage by up to 50%
Uses streams of water reducing wind drift
Streams drive water into soil increasing soil moisture
Even moisture distribution over entire watering zone
Reduces the potential for dry spots
Curtails over spraying onto hardscape areas
Zones easily reconfigured wirelessly
Works with typical irrigation water sources
Uses standard pipe/tube fittings and electrical connectors
Works in conjunction with standard industry controllers/schedulers
Compatible with rain and/or moisture sensors
Capable of functioning in a hybrid system using spray, rotor, or drip


Industry-leading three year warranty