How to Stop Losing Workers to Construction Jobs

Contractors know that competition for seasonal employees is fierce. When you’re employing temporary workers, there isn’t much company loyalty.

Bottom line, most workers are going to go with whoever pays the best and offers the most work. That’s why so many landscapers lose their best employees to construction jobs. Construction jobs pay better.

So how do you prevent your best guys from leaving?

The obvious answer is “you have to pay them more”, but you know that’s not a simple solution. Increasing wages has a ripple effect across your business –  eating into your profits, limiting the amount of hours and positions you can offer, forcing you to increase your prices.

The only sustainable way to pay more money is to make more money.

Imagine if you could do three irrigation system installations in the time it normally takes to do one. Not only would you be able to afford higher wages, but you would significantly increase your profits, too.

To do this, you need a different kind of irrigation system. One that’s simpler with fewer heads and less pipe, and based on CIT testing, delivers the same watering results with less water. As it happens, that system is in the field today. It’s called the IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System. Using patented technology, one IrriGreen sprinkler head can cover an entire zone, making installation a breeze.

But don’t just take our word for it…

“We get IrriGreen done so much faster, cutting man-hours by as much as two-thirds. . My labor costs run about 60 percent lower.”

Jarod Roberts, Westside Sprinkler in Colorado

With savings like that, irrigation contractors are able to pay their employees more while increasing their profits. You don’t have to lose your best employees to construction jobs. You just need the IrriGreen system.

Best of all, homeowners and businesses love it because it’s proven to save them 40% on water.

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