Where’s Minnesota’s Water Going? Too much onto Sidewalks.

When you talk about water shortages in the US, most people will immediately think of California. The Golden State’s water problems have been well-publicized for years.  Or maybe the arid west comes to mind – Colorado, Arizona, etc.

But the truth is, water shortages have become a country-wide problem.

Even in Minnesota, where natural bodies of water abound and precipitation falls regularly year-round, cities are finding themselves struggling to keep up with demand.

How is that possible? The biggest culprit is simple: we waste water.

Watering Sidewalks

Recently, the University of Minnesota and the Metropolitan council surveyed 1000 residents of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. It turns out over half leave their sprinkler systems on an automatic cycle. Their lawns are watered whether they need it or not.

Three fourths also have at least one sprinkler head that leaks.

Arguably the biggest waste, however, is that fact that on average residents water 500 square feet of pavement. Not only is this a complete waste of water, but it increases runoff and water pollution.

While this survey is specific to Minnesota, the problem is not. Water is regularly being wasted around the US.

But it doesn’t have to be. Lawns can stay green without excessive water use. You simply need to use the right system.

IrriGreen Keeps Water on the Lawn

The IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System utilizes patented technology that directly combats the water waste found in the University of Minnesota’s study.

It uses fewer sprinkler heads, drastically reducing the risk of damage or leakage.

But what truly sets IrriGreen apart is its ability to adapt to the shape of your lawn. Inspired by engineering used for commercial ink jet printers, IrriGreen’s sprinkler heads follow your lawn’s outline. No more overspray or watering sidewalks.

A study by the Center for Irrigation Technology showed that IrriGreen used 40% less water while delivering the same results as the ordinary sprinkler systems on the market. In the same test, one Genius sprinkler head competed against 6-9 mechanical heads to cover the same area of grass.

It’s Time to Stop Water Waste

The best way to combat water shortages is smarter water use. With IrriGreen, you can save water (and money) while maintaining a beautiful, green lawn. If you’re looking to upgrade or install a new irrigation system, tell your contractor you want IrriGreen.

It’s better for you, and it’s better for the world.