No Laterals.
80% Less Pipe.

Irrigreen system avoids the pain and frustration of unreliable traditional mechanical systems

Straight Line

Driveway, sidewalks or streets.
No problem

Multi-Volume Streams

Evenly water entire zone with one sprinkler. Simple.

Hairpin Turn

Water to EXACT shape of ANY zone. Amazing!

Work Smart

IrriGreen next generation sprinkler systems
Eliminates most of the work
Cuts your man hours 50-70%

Irrigreen is the answer to your biggest issue: labor. Installing Irrigreen systems eliminates most of the difficult, dirty labor required to install today’s irrigation systems.

Reduces heads and pipe needed by 80%
No laterals
One head per zone. Easy.

Our digital sprinkler heads “print” water to the shape of any zone. All you do is pull a mainline, connect one head per zone to the mainline, wire the heads, and the hard work is finished. Map the zones with our mobile app and you are done!!

Run drip zones
Control any standard irrigation valve with the Mobile App
Create high efficiency hybrid systems

The Irrigreen system will control any type of irrigation zone. Drip. Popup. Rotor. Digital. Just connect them to the Irrigreen control/server, select the zone type with the Irrigreen Mobile app and set the watering schedule … with the app!

See the Difference

Five Zone Residential Installation:

30-40 Mechanical Sprinklers
1,500 ft. Underground Pipe
40-45 Man Hours to Install

Five Genius Sprinklers
250 ft. Underground Pipe
12-16 Man Hours to Install

Multiple mechanical heads surround zone and water “outside in”. Overlapping arcs over water 75% of the zone, overspray is common. Diagram based on 65% DU, which meets EPA WaterSense New Homes Specifications.

Single digital head waters “inside out” to any exact zone shape. Multi-volume streams deliver uniform precipitation throughout the zone. No overspray.

Increase Productivity


Opportunity is knocking with Irrigreen. Cutting labor 50-70% means you can install more systems. Installing more systems means you are cashing more checks!


Irrigreen systems sell at prices competitive with quality conventional systems. Instead of paying for lots of man hours and lots of underground pipe, you are installing a few highly efficient digital sprinklers.

10-15 Minute System Design


We take the work out of system design and bidding. Irrigreen heads water the exact shape of any shape zone.

You install the head in about the middle of a zone and map it with the mobile app. Done.

Stop spending precious time designing hydro zones, matching precipitation rates and figuring out head to head coverage. It takes 10-15 minutes to design and estimate an Irrigreen system, not an hour or more. Spend time with your family, not driving around measuring lawns for tire kickers.

Customers Want Irrigreen

Admit it, this system is just cool! Once customers see an Irrigreen system they “get it” and they want it. Let your competition sell and install ordinary sprinklers


Water shortages are in the news and everyone wants to save water.

Irrigreen uses 50% less water while delivering 100% watering coverage.

One 10,000 sq ft. lawn saves 95,000 gallons every year using Irrigreen

Homeowners track actual water usage with our mobile app

How to Install