Irrigreen Precision

A revolutionary all-digital sprinkler system.
Fewer, more efficient heads, accurately water to the exact shape of your landscape.

Lower Your Water Bill by ~50%

Save Money + Water


People love their landscaping.
Homeowners use more water outside than inside.


80,000 gallons or $600-$1200
is wasted annually per home.

The Pain of Sprinkler Systems

“There is always wasted water running down my sidewalk.”
“My current system is too complex and needs maintenance all the time.”
“I have to manage 40 sprinkler heads and some of them are often broken.”

Irrigreen Simplifies Everything


30 – 40 Mechanical Sprinklers


5 Digital Sprinklers


1,500 ft. Plastic Pipe

250 ft. Pipe

5 Valves, 10 Wires

0 Valves, 2 Wires

The Irrigreen System

Fewer Parts
Less Digging
1/3 Labor to Install

Be Green. Irrigreen

Irrigreen sprinkler conserves water using a multi-stream nozzle that’s wirelessly programmed to follow the shape of your yard.  

The Irrigreen system is flexible, easy to maintain, and lowers your water bills.

Features & Benefits of the Irrigreen System:

Conserves ~50% water
One sprinkler per zone
Sprinklers are placed away from curbs, driveways and sidewalks
Map to your lawn shape using any smartphone
Eliminate wasteful water overlapping
85% less petroleum-based pipe per install
Proven patented technology
Whisper-quiet operation

Digital Is Cleaner

Simpler + Saves Water

All-Digital Sprinkler Technology

Digital Sprinkler Heads
Digital Controller
Intuitive Irrigreen App
Cloud Connectivity
Informed by Live Weather Data

Digital Controller

Digital Sprinkler Heads

Wasteful Overlap Can Be a Thing of the Past

Irrigreen Uses ~50% Less Water

Conventional. Wasteful

195% wasteful overlapping water in the central area of each zone!

Irrigreen. Efficient

One central head uniformly irrigates in the exact shape of each zone.

Water Where You Need It

One central head uniformly irrigates in the exact shape of each zone.


40+ sprinkler heads surround zones
1500+ ft underground pipe
Labor intensive disruptive installation


5 digital sprinklers, 1 per zone
250 ft underground pipe
Easy, fast installation

The Irrigreen sprinkler conserves water.

Water streams are digitally controlled through a patented, multi-stream nozzle and wirelessly mapped to the exact shape of your lawn. The Irrigreen irrigation system is flexible, easy to maintain, and lowers your water bills.

Water conservation is a growing trend in irrigation. Conventional irrigation sprinklers waste water because they are positioned ’’head -to-head’’ in overlapping arcs. They can not precisely conform to landscape contours as shown in the diagram above.

In comparison, Irrigreen sprinklers use ~50% less water.

Tech Specs

Irrigreen Digital Sprinkler

Programmable Throw
5’ to 30’*

Precipitation Rate
Software controlled,
2.25 – 6.50 GPM

Precipitation Rate for Scheduling
.055” water per rotation

Programmable Zone Shape
Any zone shape that fits within a 60’ diameter circle, line of sight**

Irrigreen2 Controller

IG2 Controller
16 Digital Zones
12 Valve Zones

IG2 Pro
32 Digital Zones
24 Valve Zones
Dual zone run capable
Dual Flow Sensor capable

Digital Sprinkler connection
IP-67 waterproof connectors

Sprinkler Cable
IP-67 waterproof connectors, 50’

Wi-Fi Network
2.4 GHz

Wi-Fi Range
300’ line of sight

Sensor inputs:
2- Flow Sensors: Ultrasonic or paddle
2- Rain/Soil Moisture

* The head evenly waters from the base of the head out to the edge of the zone shape, but the programmable distances are 5’-30’

** At 40 psi, head throw is 25’

Irrigreen Digital Sprinkler

Programmable sprinkler that waters with uniform precipitation in exact shape of any zone.

Features include: Multi-volume streams, valve-in-head, software controlled rotational speed (maintains even precipitation rate), splice-free waterproof data/electrical connections, Flex-Pipe for easy plumbing; replaceable nozzle, screen filter and cap.

NOTE: For design, place Irrigreen Digital Sprinklers to ensure that all areas of the landscape are within 30’ of a head (at 60 psi, 40 psi range is 25’)  Do not design for “head to head” coverage as each head will water evenly the edge of any zone shape. Design so zone shapes border each other.

Flow Rate
25 – 6.50 GPM

Water Pressure
40 – 80 PSI

Flow Required

Mapping Points per Zone
3 – 50

Water Inlet
3/4″ FPT

15” flexible PVC, 3/4” MPT elbow, 1” MPT

Operating Temperature
30 – 120˚F (0-50˚C)*

Body Height

Body Diameter:

Pop-up Height

Pop-up Diameter:

Housing Materials
Polypropylene and PVC

Data/Electrical Connection
IP-67 waterproof connectors

Irrigreen2 Controller

Runs Irrigreen Digital Sprinklers and solenoid valve zones. It is Wi-Fi based, cloud monitoring capable, and is controlled by the Irrigreen2 mobile app. Every controller includes an ultrasonic flow sensor to track and report all water use, including valve zones.

Features include: LED indicators, control buttons, master pump/valve control, power surge protection, memory backup, rain/soil moisture sensor compatible, outdoor enclosure, waterproof glands.

Digital Sprinkler layout
Eight heads per cable run
700’ maximum

Electrical supply
24VAC, 1000 ma

Outdoor, NEMA 4 rated

3 -15/16” x 10-1/2” x 6-7/8”

Valve Zone output
24 VAC

Landscape Management

“CIT (Center for Irrigation Technology) tested Irrigreen with one Irrigreen computerized smart head per irrigation zone against conventional systems with six to nine mechanical rotors or spray heads per zone. Irrigreen and the conventional systems increased soil moisture by equivalent amounts, but Irrigreen used 40 percent fewer gallons of water.”

James “Leo” Leonard
Landscape Contractor
Denver, Co

“Irrigreen’s digital sprinkler system not only saves my clients water, but it is also simpler to install. There are far fewer parts to leak or break and it installs in about a third of the time of a conventional system. Way less trenching and my crew is in and out fast so I have happy customers and my business is more efficient because I get more installs done per crew.”

David C.
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“No more water spraying on my sidewalk, deck or house and I’m not having to constantly replace or adjust tons of sprinkler heads. My water bill dropped a lot, and I love controlling my system with the mobile app.”

Don S.
Aurora, CO

“My old sprinklers used to spray on the side of my house, putting spots on the car, water wasted running down the gutter. Irrigreen is far more accurate puts water only where I want it and saves on my water bill”

Josh K.
Savage, MN

“I really like my Irrigreen system; my lawn looks great and my grass is greener than my neighbor’s. I have had it for years and I am very happy with the technology … I really like knowing exactly how much water I am using, and being able to put water only where I want.”

Lower Your Water Bill by ~50%

Save Money + Water