The most precise irrigation system ever designed.

Meet Irrigreen: the revolutionary all-digital irrigation system that grows the lawn of your dreams, with only half the water.

"Irrigreen ‘prints’ and executes a precision watering plan for your lawn"

"Irrigreen's tech digitally maps out a lawn so it can “print” water precisely where it’s needed."

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Engineered to grow your greenest grass.

Stop spraying water. Start printing it. The Irrigreen system delivers water precisely where you need it, when you need it, guided by weather data and controlled by your app.

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The perfect amount of water. At the perfect time.


Simple. Elegant. Beautiful.


An effortless digital ecosystem powered by weather data.

Integrated Irrigreen system

Irrigation that
pays for itself.

Saving tens of thousands of gallons per year. Taking thousands off your water bill. Irrigreen is an investment in saving money.

Programmable Throw
5' to 30'
Precipitation Rate
Software Controlled
2.25 - 6.50 GPM

Precipitation Rate for Scheduling
.055” water per rotation

Programmable Zone Shape
Any zone shape that fits within a 60’ diameter circle, line of sight

Irrigreen sprinkler
Sprinkler Head Extended

Make your lawn
a thing of beauty.

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Irrigreen Sprinkler Bundles

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