Three New Distributors Now Carry IrriGreen

Spring is here, which means landscaping season is ramping up quickly. With the new season, distributors across the country want to make sure they’re offering the best supplies available. It’s no coincidence that three additional distributors spread across four states are adding the IrriGreen Genius® Irrigation System to their inventory.

Contractors and landscaping professionals can now find IrriGreen at Pro Chem Sales in Texas, Silver Creek Supply, LLC in Idaho and Wyoming, and Mountain Supply Company in Montana.

Here’s what each company has to say about IrriGreen.

Pro Chem Sales – Amarillo, Texas

Pro Chem Sales has been providing the Lone Star State with fertilizers, pesticides, soil amendments, and equipment to professional landscapers, sports field managers, golf course superintendents, park and recreation facility managers, and pest control professionals since 1987.

When their President Garry Rich saw IrriGreen in action, he knew they had to carry it.

“I was not very enthusiastic about turf irrigation supply until I learned about IrriGreen. IrriGreen changed my mind because their technology is a game changer. It sets new standards for water conservation and installation efficiency and makes mechanical sprinkler systems obsolete.”

Silver Creek Supply, LLC – Boise, Idaho

With six locations in Idaho and one in Jackson, Wyoming, Silver Creek Supply has built a quality reputation out west. Founded in 1974, Silver Creek Supply is a leading wholesale supplier of plumbing, irrigation, landscape, power equipment, and fencing materials.

Here’s what Jerry Troy, Product Manager, says about IrriGreen:

“At Silver Creek, we pride ourselves as early adopters and ambassadors of the latest technologies in the irrigation industry. IrriGreen’s technology has great potential for us and our contractors.”

Mountain Supply Company – Missoula, Montana

Since 1960, Mountain Supply Company has been serving the state of Montana with a wide range of irrigation and plumping equipment, including pumps, water systems, fixtures, irrigation systems, pipes and fittings, and more.

Check out the comments about IrriGreen from Ryan Rubie, Sales Manager:

“We first found out about IrriGreen at the Irrigation Show. So many contractors were crowded around their display, we did not even get to talk with them. IrriGreen’s technology innovation is impressive, and when customers came into our stores asking for IrriGreen, we decided to contact them about becoming a distributor.”

IrriGreen is Scientifically Proven to Save Water

Recent tests by the Center for Irrigation Technology showed that IrriGreen delivers the same results as conventional irrigation systems while using 40% fewer gallons of water.

Thanks to its superior engineering and water delivery, fewer sprinkler heads are needed per zone. That means less materials and shorter installation times for contractors. Everyone benefits with IrriGreen. Consumers save on water. Contractors save on labor.

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