Is a Sprinkler System a Good Investment?

Homeowners often wonder if a sprinkler system is a good investment. In most cases, there are many benefits, and having a well-maintained lawn with an in-ground sprinkler system is financially beneficial in the long run.

If you’re contemplating putting in an in-ground sprinkler system and questioning if it’s a good investment, it is important to take some time and look at the installation costs, benefits, and drawbacks. Then, you can decide if a sprinkler system is a good fit for your yard and wallet.

The Cost of Installing a Sprinkler System

Sprinkler system prices depend on many factors, primarily the size of your lawn and the features you want the system to have.

  • The larger the green space you water, the more sprinkler zones the system will need. This more extensive system equates to more supplies (supply lines, sprinkler heads, risers, connectors, etc.) and greater cost for the added supplies and increased installation costs.
  • Added features such as smart controllers or soil moisture sensors also increase your installation costs compared to a basic, bare-bones system with a standard controller.

    Generally, the average cost for a US homeowner with a quarter-acre yard to install a smart, in-ground sprinkler system is between $3,500 and $5,500. However, for a one-acre green space, you can expect to pay upwards (if not more than) $10,000 to install an in-ground sprinkler system.

    You can purchase a “large” Irrigreen bundle on the website from $3658. This bundle contains a smart controller, six heads, and the necessary cables and is geared toward medium to large-sized residential yards. It covers up to 12,000 square feet and replaces up to ten traditional sprinkler heads.

    Benefits of a Smart Sprinkler System

    Of course, we will tout the benefits of a sprinkler system and encourage you to install one. However, there are many advantages and benefits that go well beyond the convenience a system offers you.

    An automated sprinkler system certainly saves you time and effort, but it also saves water, increases your home’s value, and helps you maintain a healthy, vibrant yard and landscape.

    1. Makes watering your lawn easy

    For many homeowners, the sheer convenience of having a sprinkler system is the only reason they need to purchase one. Not everyone enjoys manually watering their lawn—dragging hoses all over and moving oscillating sprinklers—several times a week. There’s no denying that the “set it and forget it” attitude with a programmable sprinkler is incredibly convenient and easy.
    With a sprinkler system, homeowners can stop worrying about scheduling time in their day (or week) to water their lawns and gardens. Plus, an automated system lets them take family vacations or travel for work without worrying about having a dry, crunchy lawn when they get home.
    A smart controller also adjusts watering schedules in real-time to account for weather and meet your grass’s needs. It will automatically delay watering when it rains, eliminating the need to manually adjust or shut off your sprinklers to account for weather.

    2. Saves water and money

    Using a sprinkler system to water your lawn is a fantastic way to water efficiently, saving both water and money on your utility bill. No matter the type of system, it will only water for the allotted time on the days you program it. Gone are the days of turning a sprinkler on and getting busy, accidentally watering for an hour longer than you intended.
    A smart controller also accounts for real-time parameters such as rainfall and soil moisture and only gives your lawn the water it needs. No more, no less.
    A smart controller is predicted to reduce irrigation amounts from 20 to 50% compared to a conventional system. When you take this into account over the life of your lawn, you’ll see significant water savings!

    3. Increased property value

    Many homeowners consider a sprinkler system an upgrade to a home that impacts the resale value. Automated sprinklers ensure a healthy, attractive lawn and gardens, which is integral to “curb appeal” when selling your home.
    Realtors estimate a property value increases between 5 and 15% when you have an efficient sprinkler system installed and a healthy lawn.

    4. Improves your lawn’s health in the long run

    A smart sprinkler system gives your lawn the optimal amount of water it needs at the best possible time. In turn, it helps minimize environmental stresses from heat and drought and dramatically improves the health of your lawn.
    When your grass is healthy and robust, it is better equipped to defend itself against insect and disease problems and outcompete weeds. You’ll have fewer problems to address, and your lawn will look its best.

    5. Keeps you watering at the right time

    If you live in a community with a homeowner’s association or someplace with watering regulations, having a sprinkler system will make it easy to follow the rules or guidelines put in place. You can ensure you’re watering on designated days or during recommended times, keeping you out of trouble with the HOA and preventing you from being fined for watering incorrectly.

    Things to Consider About a Sprinkler System

    It’s only fair to mention the drawbacks you must be aware of before installing a sprinkler system. There are many incredible benefits to having one, but also some downsides.

    • Maintenance and repairs are necessary evils with a system. Sometimes, you’ll need to replace sprinkler heads because they crack or leak, and you might even need to replace a controller if it goes on the fritz.
    • If you live in an area where you see freezing temperatures in the winter, you’ll also need to winterize your system every year before winter rolls in. Winterizing removes all the water from the lines and prevents damage when water freezes and expands in the lines or sprinkler heads.
    • It’s much easier to install a sprinkler system if you’re putting in a new lawn—say you just built a house and are doing the landscaping—versus if you have an established lawn.

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