Auto Water by Irrigreen Smart Sprinklers


Irrigreen's revolutionary Auto Water technology is the smartest way to manage your lawn watering needs.


Automatically water your lawn based on your hyperlocal weather.

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Auto Water FAQs

What is Irrigreen Auto Water? 

Irrigreen's Auto Water feature calculates and automatically adjusts the amount of water your Irrigreen System applies to your lawn. This smart watering technology uses your detailed location, local weather data from Weather Underground, and your lawn characteristics.

What is the function of Auto Water?

Irrigreen's Auto Water does all the work to adjust your schedules and watering for you! Auto water will increase or decrease your watering cycle based on weather factors and the characteristics of your lawn to ensure you have the greenest lawn and without wasting water.

What is the benefit of Auto Water?

Auto Water enhances water savings and keeps your lawn as green and healthy as possible by calculating and applying the right amount of water for your lawn.

Should I use Auto Water on new sod or seed?

It is not recommended to use Auto Water when establishing a new lawn. We recommend setting a standard schedule based on your climate and the turf you are establishing.

How does Auto Water work?

Auto Water collects internet weather data from Weather Underground and adjusts water amounts based on that data. This creates a 7-day rolling average of the combination of precipitation and the rate water will evaporate from your lawn. Forecasted precipitation amounts are also taken into schedule adjustments.

How do I turn on Auto Water?

This feature can be enabled by using the on/off toggle for Auto Watering in the Irrigreen Mobile app settings from the More Options (...) page.

What happens when I turn Auto Water on?

Turning on Auto Water will enable percentage-based watering for ALL Zones. This percentage is the amount of forecasted weather that will impact your lawn.  

See the percentage chart below for elaboration.  

What happens when I turn Auto Water off? 

Turning off Auto Water will revert your system to water based on inches of water set in your schedules. Note: one full rotation equates to 0.05” applied to your lawn. Increments of +/- 0.05” will add or subtract rotations.

If I enable Auto Water, when will my system start? 

Start time will always be determined by the schedules you create. The run time and water amount will be determined automatically based on weather conditions.

Will my Irrigreen Controller skip days with Auto Water enabled?

Yes, if the rolling 7-day average determines enough precipitation has occurred, a schedule may be skipped. Additionally, if rain is forecasted above a standard threshold, Auto Water will skip a scheduled watering event.

Will my Auto Water adjustments happen in real time? 

No. Adjustments to your schedules are based on data at the time the schedule begins. The adjustments will not occur until the next time the system starts a schedule. Weather data is collected daily, adjustments are applied the following day.

I have sprinkler heads that have been running longer than expected, what is going on?

The system is designed to precisely print water to all areas of your lawn. This takes longer than traditional systems. AutoWater will adjust your schedule length and may run longer or shorter than previously based on your local weather data.  

If your system is running significantly longer than normal: on your Irrigreen Smart Controller, hit the red button to immediately stop watering and follow these potential fixes:  

  1. Check the Auto Water percentages and refer to the percentage guide above, if you are exceeding 100% in any field, consider lowering those percentages.  

  1. Make sure your controller is linked to your address, Auto Water needs your exact address to provide accurate watering. 

  1. Check the app for any errors pertaining to the Zone in question. 

  1. If everything else looks good, contact Customer Service.  

Help, my system is watering and it’s raining.

If you notice your system watering while raining you shouldn’t be concerned. Auto Water local weather data is updated daily, if your schedule runs before this update occurs, there is the potential of the system watering during rain.   Auto Water will take the precipitation and how much water was recently applied to your lawn and adjust the next schedule accordingly.  

Step by Step Guide

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How to Adjust Auto Water With Percentages

Auto Water is based on hyper-local weather, but sometimes you may want more or less water for reasons we can't see in the data. If that's the case, you can make adjustments. Here's what we recommend:


100% (default):

Your whole yard is in full sun

85% (or less):

Your whole yard is partially shaded

150% (max):

Use for establishing grass/sod 


The master percentage bar indicates the overall sensitivity of Auto Water. Adjusting this amount will adjust the water for ALL zones in your system. Set the percentages based on these parameters within the master or individual settings.

You can mix and match based on your lawn setup Example: You have an eight Zone system and Zones 1-4 get full Sun but Zones 5-8 are in the shaded backyard. Leave the master percentage at 100% default, set the percentages for Zones 1-4 to 100%, and set Zones 5-8 under 85%. Adjust as needed. 



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