Connecting Your Irrigreen Smart Controller 2 to Your Home Wi-Fi


In this article, we will walk you through connecting your Irrigreen Controller to the internet via home network.

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Step 1: Connecting to the Irrigreen Network

  • The Irrigreen Smart Controller broadcasts its own network for you to connect to, allowing sprinkler functionality if you lose internet. It is also used to transition the controller over to your local Wi-Fi network. 

    • Standing next to your controller, open the Irrigreen App 

    • Login to your controller using the ID and Password on the controller box or by scanning the barcode.  

    • Your controller will now search for the Irrigreen Network to establish connection. After a moment, you will get a message in your app that says: System Offline This is normal. Tap ‘Try IrriGreen Network’  

    • When your phone prompts you to join the IrriGreen-####### network, tap ‘Join 

    • If successful, your app will refresh to the home page of the Irrigreen App 

    • If unsuccessful, try the following troubleshooting options: 

      • Tighten the antenna. 

      • Check the fuse in the controller.  

      • Exit the Irrigreen App, force close, restart.   

      • Check LED on transformer at outlet.

      • Check LED status light inside the controller (stable green) 


Step 2: Connecting to Your Home Network

  • Locate the More Options page (insert icon imagery)  

  • Tap Connection Settings 

  • Wi-Fi Connection will show the Controller Network listed as: IrriGreen-####### 

  • Tap ‘Switch to Alternate Network’ 

  • Enter you Home Network credentials  

  • You now have access to:

    • Remote access to your system

    • Weather data for Auto Water

    • Remote monitoring from Irrigreen support

    • System updates 

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