Flushing Your Irrigreen Digital Sprinkler


In this article, we will walk you through flushing your Irrigreen Digital Sprinkler head.

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  • Flushing a sprinkler can be useful if you notice that the neck is stuck up after spraying. Two common reasons for this are new systems need some time to break in, or that the neck riser has filled with dirt or debris. 

  • To flush the head, go into the Zones page. 

  • Tap on the Zone that you are trying to flush and select ‘Edit Shape.’ 

  • The sprinkler will begin to water.  

  • Select or set a point of 10-15 feet.  

  • Place your hand on the green cap and push the head down, it will have some resistance.  

  • Plunge the head in this position 5-6 times.  

  • Select a different point on the map roughly 90 degrees from the previous point. 

  • Repeat the process as needed, dirt and debris will naturally displace within the riser. 

  • Tap ‘Save and Exit’