Irrigreen System Requirements

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Measuring your water pressure and flow is essential for placement and functionality of your Irrigreen sprinklers. If these system requirements are not meet, you may experience performance issues with your system. Follow the instructions below and watch the video to ensure you are getting the proper performance from your system. 

  1. Irrigation Requirements
    1. Constant Pressure (between 40-80 PSI)
    2. Good Flow (8+ GPM)
    3. Clean Water
    4. 1" PVC Piping
  2. Head Spacing Requirements for uniform water distribution
    1. No greater than 30' from edge of lawn
    2. No greater than 60' between sprinkler heads
  3. Strong Internet Connectivity via Wi-Fi
  4. Proper Power (110v AC)

What You'll Need:

  1. Pressure Gauge
  2. Flow Guage or 5-gallon Bucket

If you are unable to meet these requirments your system could underperform.

1. Measure Pressure

  • Pressure gauges can be picked up at most hardware stores. Place your pressure gauge on the mainline where you will be connecting your piping. Make sure the connection is threaded securely to get an accurate reading.  

  • Turn on the water, taking note of the pressure reading.  

  • If you are maintaining pressure within 40-80 PSI you are good to move onto the next step.  

  • If the pressure gauge is fluctuating, you have dynamic pressure. All irrigation requires constant pressure, you may have to consider a pressure regulating valve (PRV) or a constant pressure system.  

  • Note: The Irrigreen XP Sprinkler Heads have a pressure sensor that can make up ~5-10 PSI of pressure fluctuation. Measurements must be taken even with XP, if you do not meet our requirements your system is likely to underperform.

2. Measure Flow

  • Measuring flow is just as important as pressure. Flow is the volume of water moving in the pipe over a certain amount of time (measured in Gallons Per Minute [GPM]). 

  • Add comment about flow gauge 

  • To measure your flow, bring your 5-gallon bucket to the water source.  

  • Place bucket underneath the spigot and turn on the water (avoid frost freeze spigots). 

  • Record the time it takes to fill up the bucket. 

  • If you can fill the bucket in under 45 seconds, then you have the recommended amount of flow.  

3. Clean Water

  • Without clean water, the filters in your Irrigreen Sprinklers can acquire excessive amounts of debris and restrict or prevent watering.

  • If you have particularly dirty water (well or canal water), installing a 100 Mesh (150 micron) filter with your system is required. 

  • If you need more information on well systems and Irrigreen. Please visit our article on wells.