Replacing an Irrigreen Smart Sprinkler


In this article, we will walk you through replacing an Irrigreen Digital Sprinkler step-by-step.

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Step by Step Guide

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General Tips Before You Begin

  • Inspect any exposed connections for cracks, leaks, or damage.


  • Keep your connections clean from debris.  


  • Recommended doing 1 sprinkler at a time.  


For this project you will need: 

Flathead screwdriver

Shovel or trowel


Tarp or Cardboard

Bubble level

Step 1: Remove the Existing Sprinkler

  • Turn off your water. 

  • With your shovel/trowel, dig a small hole around the existing sprinkler, roughly 12” in diameter.  

  • Go slow to avoid cutting the cables and pipes connected to the Sprinkler. 

  • We recommend putting down a tarp or covering for the dirt so you can easily backfill.

  • With the sprinkler exposed, use your flathead screwdriver to separate the CableLok Clamp connections from the Sprinkler and disconnect the cables.

  • Keep the cable ends free from debirs, if available, use red/black caps from replacment sprinkler.

  • Unscrew the Irrigreen Sprinkler at its base by hand.

  • With the sprinkler removed, turn the water back on and flush the water line.


Step 2: Install the New Irrigreen Sprinkler 

  • Screw sprinkler to pipe connection (hand tighten only, full seated, approximately 6 rotations).

  • Reconnect cables based on previous configuration.

    • Connect the pigtail end labeled ‘Controller’ to the cable leading back to your Irrigreen Smart Controller and the other to next sprinkler. 

    • If this is the last sprinkler on the line, to the End Plug from your previous sprinkler. The arrows must line up before putting on the CableLok Clamps. Failure to do so may result in intermittent connection or Timeout and Open Line Errors.  

Step 3: Assign and Calibrate Sprinkler

  • Login to your Irrigreen App and go to Zones tab. 

  • Tap the Zone that you are replacing. 

  • Tap the Gear icon, a pop-up menu will appear, select ‘Replace Sprinkler.’ Your system will now scan for any unassigned sprinkler. 

  • Once the scan is complete, all connected unassigned sprinklers will be displayed.  

  • Tap ‘Identify’ to begin rotating the green cap of the sprinkler back and forth (rotation begins after 6 seconds).  

  • Tap the open circle to the left of the Sprinkler ID.  

  • Tap Done.  

Step 4: Calibrate and Clean Up

  • Turn water on.

  • Bury the sprinkler and ensure that the green cap is no more than ½” above grade. lf available, use a level to avoid any tilt.

  • Return to the Zone page within the app and tap the Gear Icon.

  • Tap ‘Re-do Calibration.’

  • Sprinkler will run a series of tests for up to 4 minutes.

  • Your map for the zone will repopulate within the app, adjust the mapping as needed based on the new starting position. You're set to run it with your schedules now.  

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